Automatic Electronic Water level controller

By preventing the tank motor over running, electricity is wasted, as the tank overflows. This wastage of water and electricity is TOTALLY SAVED by using this device.

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Electronic Water Level Controller, consists of a main electronic unit and two sets of sensing probes, one for sub tank and the other for overhead tank. These sensing probes continuously monitor the water level in sub tank as well as the overhead tank and send appropriate electronic signals to the main electronic unit for switching the motor on or off as per these water levels. A dry sensing probe fitted to the inlet pipe on over head tank switches off the motor in case water is not lifted even after a gap of about 1.5 minutes after the motor is switched on. This device ensures continuous water supply and prevents wastage and protects the motor from high/low voltage and dry run of the motor which in turn reduce chances for motor burn outs.
Salient features:

Advanced Digital Technology.

Auto / Manual controls.

Audio / Visual indications of the status.

Easy to install.

ABS cabinet with powder coated metal frame.


12 months warranty.

Low and High voltage cut off.

Dry pump running protection.

Stainless steel probes for longer life.

Unique probe assembly.


Ensure proper earthing.

Ensure the usage up to 1.5 HP Motors only.

Designed to work at 50 Hz.

Not advisable to install out doors.

Only for single phase motors.

Ensure proper connection to probe terminals to the connectors.


Used for domestic purpose, to maintain the level of water automatically in the overhead tank and to protect the pump from low / high voltage and dry run. This device can be connected up to 1.5 HP pump sets only.

Technical Specifications

Working range -

Low voltage cut off -

High voltage cut off -

Dry run protection delay -

Calibration accuracy -

Between 160 V to 260 V

Below 160 V

Above 260 V

1.5 Minutes (approx.)

+/- 2.5 %

Note- Due to continuous research and development, all specifications are subject to change without prior notification.

Price:- US$ 51-42 ( air freight and insurance is extra )