Carbon Capture in India

No nation had got the World consensus to 'dig out' coal, 'exploit' oil, 'destroy' forests etc., then why  wait for this consensus? If the nation is really interested START NOW and do not wait for any consensus. In Japan, after years of trial and improvement they have now started this in one of their Coal fired Thermal Plant. They are willing to share their expertise. Contact them at the below detail and go ahead!

Research Institute of Innovative Technogoly for the Earth
CO2 Sequestration Research Group

9-2, Kizugawadai, Kizugawa-shi, Kyoto, 619-0292, JAPAN
TEL +81-774-75-2309
FAX +81-774-75-2316

For further reading of this operation in Japan click here ..\04-What to concentrate in the future\co2_capture in Japan.htm